My Morning Groove

Sophie Oh
2 min readMar 21, 2021

Mornings are the highlight of my day and would usually affect how my day goes.

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Implementing a structured morning prepares me for the day, keeps me sane, and gives me a sense of calm and control.

For many years I have tried different kinds of routines. I break them and changed them. It’s a love, hate, and ghost relationship. Maybe because too much routine feels like work and becomes boring, which leads to burnout.

When work from home set up started, I found my perfect morning groove.

My work starts from 9 PM to 6 AM. So basically your night is my morning. I set my alarm clock at 6 PM, even though I don’t need one. I’m one of those people who wake up before their alarm goes off.

Pre-pandemic 30 minutes routine became 3 hours routine. This impacted my life positively.

Make my bed

Making my bed is a gamechanger to start every day having accomplished something. Plus, my bedroom is my sanctuary. It makes me excited to crawl into my comfy snug bed and lay my head on pillows that smell so damn good after a long day.


Music makes you dance and sing, which improves your mood and gets you pumped up. It’s crucial that I don’t talk to people, and not open my phone. I don’t engage with the world and with the tasks that are waiting for me around this time. So when you see me with my headset on, it means do not talk to me. I am in my living in the moment mode.


We all love our morning cup. I can’t function without it. As Stephanie Piro says “Every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.”. Yes! Let’s hold on to that.

Water my plants

I developed a love of gardening during the lockdown. I talk to my plants and water them every night and morning. They are like my babies, so seeing them growing healthy makes me a happy mom.


Get the blood flowing. We all know the benefit of exercise. But for me, I walk to talk to God and visualizing my dream as it motivates me to achieve those dreams, goals, and ambitions.


And lastly a nice shower, and I'm ready world.

A morning routine is very important to me, it’s my “me” time. I may love routines and hate them at the same time, but it keeps me on track and healthy in every aspect of life.



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